Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins still in hardcover. Why?

I'm a late comer to the Hunger Games trilogy. I resisted reading it because it was so popular; I couldn't believe anything was that good. I'm a bit of a reading rebel at times. I'm not ashamed to admit I was wrong--terribly. I finally succumbed to the pressure and bought it. It is awesome! I'm on to book two and I find it very strange that Catching Fire is still out in hardcover. It released in 2009 and the last book of the trilogy, Mockingjay is out. Why isn't Catching Fire out in paperback yet? Even the first book, Hunger Games is out in paperback form. I've never noticed this in a series before. Catching Fire will be two years old in September. What's the holdup? I've downloaded the kindle edition, but still like to have a physical book in my hands, especially of my favorite reads. I buy a lot of books and I depend on the paperback to save money. What about you? Does anyone have any ideas about what's the deal with this hardcover/paperback situation? If you do, fill me in. I'm curious.


  1. I wondered the same thing a few weeks ago when I was searching for a copy of Catching Fire for my sister!

  2. Well good! At least it's not just me being paranoid...ha ha...

  3. i know same here! I have The Hunger Games in paperback format, and I don't want to order Catching Fire + Mockingjay when they are hardcover, then my triology would look weird!

  4. I am wondering the same I've been searching everywhere. I am trying to find it for my fiance who is at a facility that only accepts paperbacks. Does it really still only exist in Hardcover?! She is dying to read it!

  5. Yep, Anonymous! I just went to Walmart today and Catching Fire is STILL only available in Hardcover. I just don't get it. Must have some financial incentive connected to this decision, but it's annoying!

  6. Went today...only hardcover, you can preorder from amazon.

  7. It's out in paperback but "large print" only ... I was wondering myself what the holdup is.

    1. Yeah! I recently saw that "large print" edition, too. I haven't seen that with any other YA book or with any other book in the Hunger Games series. Weird. I may end up getting it...we'll see...Thanks for dropping me a line about this!


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