Friday, November 22, 2013

Scary Part Two...

This present administration has limited independent journalists access to the White House. What this means is that the White House will be using their own official journalists that are paid for by tax payer dollars. Essentially, these guys are more favorable to the president and the White House kind of produces their own press. I don't know about you, but this doesn't sound good. It sounds a little "iron curtain" like. Apparently, since the press has become more critical of the administration in response to the whole health insurance mess, the White House has decided to "punish" them and deny them access and the opportunity to ask questions.

The congress has also changed filibuster rules so that the minority party--whoever they may be--will have less power and ability to affect issues. Not a good thing. After all, the minority party represent people too.

Now people don't have to enroll in the health care plan until after the midterm congressional elections. Now why do you think that is? Could it be that if people saw what the insurance plans consist of, they'd reject them and the congressman that voted this into law? Are people really that ignorant that they don't grasp this? Apparently the government seems to think so. Boy, I hope they're wrong.

When changes happen slowly and in small measures people don't notice. It's called incrementalism. By the time they realize something is wrong (like with the recent health insurance changes), it may be too late and they find out they don't have as much choice or control over their lives.

Pray, people. Pray and ask the Lord to open the eyes of your understanding. It may take time, but I believe dark days are ahead. Pray to survive them.

Be enlightened.


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