Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I've Never Heard of this Before: Author Adapts Novel to be Consistent with Movie: A Book Giveaway: JUMPER-GRIFFIN'S STORY

Have you seen the movie Jumper? It's the one that stars Hayden Christiansen from the Star Wars films. In Jumper he has the ability to teleport himself from one location to the other at will, hence the name Jumper.
The film was based on the novel JUMPER by Steven Gould. We know that when a novel goes from the page to the screen, it is adapted and changed to fit that venue. In the case of the novel I'm giving away, just the opposite occurred. The author wrote another novel, based on the adapted version of his original book to the screen. I've never heard of such a thing, have you? If you have, please leave a comment telling me which book and film.

The blurb from the book, gives greater detail of the story:

The first time it happened, Griffin O'Conner was only five years old; he'd jumped from the steps of the Martyrs Memorial in Oxford, in front of a busload of torists. The next time, his family had to leave the United Kingdom forever.

I held up four fingers and ticked them off one by one. "Never jump where someone can see me. Never jump near home. Never jump to or from the same place twice. And never, never, ever jump unless I must-or unless you or Mum tell me to."

"And what does that mean-that you must?"
"If I'm going to get hurt or captured."
"Killed or captured by who?"
"Anyone." Them. That's all I knew. The strangers from Oxford.
And what does it mean if you break the rules?"
"Have to move, Again."
"Yeah. Again."

But Griff broke the rules when he was nine. He flinched away from a bully at school and ended up a mile away. And that night, the men from Oxford found them; by the time the night was done, Griffs parents were dead, and he was lying wounded and bleeding in the California desert, miles from anywhere. Griffin has always been  hunted for his talent but protected by his parents. Now he's on his own with only his talent for teleportation to give him a fighting chance to survive...but his enemies can track him everytime he jumps.

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Open to residents of the US and Canada.

Giveaway ends Friday April 2, 2010.


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