Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BLOGMANIA on April 30th. YA Special right here! Don't miss it!

I've acquired two of the four books I'm planning as giveways on April 30. Two of the books are new releases. One just came out last week and the other will be available in a week. I'm so excited. This is so much fun and I love putting it together.

If everything goes as planned, they'll be two winners: A Grand Prize winner and a First place winner. I think I'm going to include a piece of bling with the Grand Prize!

Stay tuned for continuing developments!



  1. Cool! I can't either. Thanks for visiting Jenna- and be here on April 30!

  2. I just love bling along with my books...great idea...

  3. Nothing like a lovely piece of jewelry right Patty? Except maybe a gorgeous loving cat!


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