Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two Awards this Week. Thanks again

I was the recipient of two lovely awards this week. One is from Kate of the Disgruntled Bear blog and Melissa of Books R Us. I can't thank you enough for thinking so kindly of me and my little site here girls.

Kate is Yale educated. She has a Ph.D and is a psychologist. We first met at a writers conference last year. She has traveled the world teaching psychology for the University of Maryland. She struck up a random conversation with a guy in the airport in Turkey and ended up marrying him! They now have three tiny, cute kids and live in New Hampshire. She has a book coming out in June named MINDER. Check out her site to learn more.

Melissa is a teen author living in East Moriches, NY. She's published a book called GINGER HIGH and you can learn more about that right here. She's an ambitious young lady that is more than worthy of your time and attention. Check her out.

Once again I thank one and all for stopping by, thinking of me and my blog and making it real with these lovely awards. It is deeply appreciated.                                                              



  1. Congratulations on the two awards!

  2. Thanks Morgan. That's so sweet of you! Thanks for dropping in.

  3. Thanks Elizabeth. Nice to hear from you today.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, June! They're the whipped cream on the sundae that is today. Fill out my contact form at I can send you an ARC of MINDER when they come in.
    Take care! - Kate

  5. Thanks Kate. I'd be honored to receive one. I'm headed over right now.

  6. Congratulations on the new awards June... Enjoy more to come. :-0

    jackie b central texas

  7. Jackie, Sheri...thanks girls. It's always so good to see you gals passing through!

  8. Thanks Sheila. I appreciate you stopping by!


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