Monday, April 1, 2013

Movie Review: The Host vs Twilight. Stephanie Meyer competes against herself!

Stephanie Meyer has her work cut out for her going forward with any film after Twilight. My husband and I went to see The Host on Saturday. Here's what my husband had to say after seeing Twilight: "That was a nice, little, romantic movie." This is what he had to say within ten to fifteen minutes of watching The Host: "Who sits down and thinks up this kind of crap?" ROFL...LOL...Well. Now that I've gotten his initial opinion out of the

The movie has an intriguing premise and this is what kept me going during those slow moments. Admittedly, the film did start kind of slow and the tension level was low. I've had the book a couple of years and haven't read it yet, so I had only a rudimentary knowledge of what the story is about.

As the movie continued, it got better. I don't know if Meyer intended this or not, but the movie had some unbelievably funny moments! My husband, who is the quiet sort, was cracking up laughing, as were others in the theater, over the rivalry between the two boys over the girl--Yes. There's a love triangle--sort of. Since two identies inhabit the same body, they each have a thing for two different boys. Seeing them trying to negotiate that using only one body was hilarious. My husband even yelled out comments to the boys on screen several times! LOL....

Listen. This is no Twilight. It doesn't have that angsty, romantic-I'll-do-anything-for-love sensibility. But, if you can sit tight through that slow beginning, it is an entertaining movie. It even has a part that can make you feel a little teary toward the end.

Stephanie Meyer set the bar so high for herself with Twilight, she'll probably never be able to top it. But I'll continue to be interested in seeing her try!

Toodles, y'all!


  1. I had a feeling that this movie would be this way...maybe it should ave been made for TV?

  2. Okay that huge Hardback that came from 1/2 price books needs to be cracked open, it was a used HB in great condition for a $1 so bought it about 3 months ago and have not had time to get to it but now am really curious as will never see the movie unless on DVD.

    Glad you two stuck it out June, sounds like a good time after all was said and done.

  3. If I'm not mistaken she wrote The Host before Twilight. It just means her writing improved. :) I still thought it was an interesting story. Although I wish it would have ended with Wanda dying. I hated the forced happy ending.


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