Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Lovely Bones: The Movie-A loss of life and what lies beyond...Where does one begin? The book or the movie?

As a result of my experience with Twilight, I've discovered I prefer to see the movie adaptation of a book before reading the book itself if possible. Once again, I've heard and read that many of the people who read the book, The Lovely Bones were disappointed in the movie. They felt a critical scene-the rape of the young girl Susie, was left out of the movie and merely implied. These readers felt Susie's take on her loss of innocence was an even greater theme of the book then the murder itself.

Perhaps, but I am unable to weigh in on that, because I wasn't able to finish the book. I saw the book in Barnes and Noble and considered buying it, but the premise of a murdered youngster gave me pause. I decided I didn't want to read about that. I ran across the book in the library and peeked at it again. I'd heard so much about it, I decided to give it a try, so I checked it out of library and gave it a go.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

And the Winners of THE SURVIVORS CLUB are....

This contest has concluded and I am pleased to announce the following winners of the awesome book, The Survivors Club:

1) Marjorie
2) StephTheBookworm                                  
3) AmyLynn
4) Misusedinnocence
5) Twifanheather

All winners were selected randomly utilizing Research Randomizer.
 Ladies, you'll be quite pleased. I just received this book a couple of days ago and I was surprised at how substantial it is. It appears small on-line but it's a book of considerable size and chocked full of amazing stories and tips about surviving adverse circumstances. It's a good and informative read.

Winners, please e-mail me your addresses. Your address will be sent to the publisher, who will be sending you the book. Please allow at least 6 to 8 weeks to receive it. It may arrive sooner.

If winners have not responded by Tuesday, January 18, another contestant will be selected in their place.

Thanks again to the Hachette Book Group for making this giveaway possible.

I want to thank all those who entered. Please keep checking back because I will be offering other giveaways.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great Contest for Aspiring Writers of Young Adult and Middle Grade: You don't want to miss this!

Mary Kole, agent with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency is running a very cool contest . If your novel is finished, this is an opportunity to get feedback from her on your work. There are several chances to win. There will be a grand prize winner, first through third place winners as well as honorable mention(s). Each category of winners gets a critique of their pages of varying lengths ie: 15 pages, 10 pages, down to a first page critique.

The Andrea Brown Literary Agency specializes in juvenile/children's books only. It's their specialty! This is a unique opportunity to make a connection.

Click on the link noted above to obtain the details. Contest ends January 31st. Have fun with it and the best of luck to all the contestants!


Monday, January 11, 2010

LIGHT ON SNOW: A Compelling Story-A Book Review and Lesson for Aspiring Writers

I was in a discount store over the holidays, A Dollar General, I think. I was perusing the aisles and came to a section with some books. I've never paid much attention to books in these stores because I'm usually disappointed. They often carry some odd, esoteric non-fiction stuff I have no interest in. This time I noticed novels, so I perked up.

I saw some romance novels, a few paranormals-you know, the more interesting reads! And then I saw Light on Snow by Anita Shreve. I read the blurb on the back and it sounded interesting, so I took a chance and bought it. Boy am I glad I did.

I devoured this little gem. Though it is actually not so little at 305 pages. I don't believe this book was classified officially as a Young Adult book, but it certainly reads that way. The protaganist, Nicky is thirty when she recounts the story, but the novel's action all takes place when she is 12 years old and is told from that perspective. This story explores love, loss and the effects of death and grief on the young and not so young.

The summary on the back of the book says it all, so with that being said:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Literary Agent Nathan Bransford's THE SECRET YEAR Teen Diary Contest

Nathan held a contest on his blog to commemorate the publication of The Secret Year, a debut novel by his client Jennifer Hubbard which went on sale Thursday, January 7. The contest consisted of "writing the most compelling (fictional) teen diary entry." It could be a diary entry or an unsent letter, but it had to be in a teen's voice.

When I looked at the entries on Wednesday, the last night of the contest, I saw over 600 entries. At the last moment, I decided to submit. I didn't have time to give a lot of consideration to what I was going to write, so I took an a portion from my manuscript, reworked it and placed my hat in the ring.

When I checked Nathan's blog the next day, he had selected 9 honorable mentions and 5 finalists. Out of 672 entries, I was selected as one of the 9 honorable mentions! I was really shocked. With so much competition, and little time, I saw little chance in getting much attention. There were some angsty, deep teen writing going on. I simply submitted a piece of work that I, myself took pride in and if it didn't win, I was still happy with what I produced.

My essential message to all of you who are aspiring authors is to believe in yourself and what it is you're determined to achieve. Make sure you're happy with what you produce and you can walk away satisfied regardless of whether you win or lose or get accepted or rejected-but you may win or get that acceptance! And that's the icing on the cake.


Friday, January 1, 2010

BOOK GIVEAWAY: THE SURVIVORS CLUB- A book that may save your life, in more ways than one!

THE SURVIVORS CLUB : The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life by Ben Sherwood is a great book to have around, not only as an interesting read, but as a reference to refer to as needed. You have the opportunity to win a free copy. There are five copies available. If you'd like the chance to get one, just leave a comment saying why you're interested as well as your email address or some way to contact you. Become a follower if you're not already. Offer good until January 16, 2010. Open only to US and Canadian Residents. Thanks to Anna of the Hachette Group for the opportunity and for providing the books.


Which is the safest seat on an airplane? Where is the best place to have a heart attack? Why does religious observance add years to your life? How can birthdays be hazardous to your health? Each second of the day, someone in America faces a crisis, whether it's a car accident, violent crime, serious illness, or financial trouble. Given the inevitability of adversity, we all wonder: Who beats the odds and who surrenders? Why do some people bound back and others give up? How can I become the kind of person who survives and thrives?