Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Selection for Waiting on Wednesday: Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma: Can you say sibling love of the sexual kind?

Waiting on Wednesday is a super meme started by the very creative Jill at Breaking the Spine. This is a super way to learn about what's new, what's coming out and what your fellow book lovers are looking forward to digging into.

Forbidden...The only thing I can do is let the blurb of this book speak for itself. Here it is:

Sixteen-year-old Maya and seventeen-year-old Lochan have never had the chance to be "normal". Having pulled together for years to take care of their younger siblings while their wayward, drunken mother leaves them to fend alone, they have had to become much more than simply brother and sister. And now, they have fallen in love. But this is a love that can never be allowed, a love that will have devastating consequences...

             How can something so wrong, feel so right?

The author, Tabitha Suzuma is the product of a British mother and a Japanese father. She hated school and dropped out at age fourteen, much to her parent's distress and her teacher's delight. She ultimately returned to school at some point and indulged her love of writing. Forbidden is her fifth novel.

This is clearly a topic that has a huge "ick" factor. A brother and sister succumbing to sexual desire--for each other. As a therapist of children, I've encountered all sorts of problems. I recall a case of suspected incest and the girl was pregnant--by her father. Major double yuck.

I want to know how Ms. Suzuma handles this story, a subject that is taboo and cleary makes people more than a little uncomfortable.

Forbidden released in the UK, May 2010. It will be available in the US, June 2011

Can you handle it?

Monday, September 27, 2010

And the Two Winners of Dracula in Love are...

Thanks for stopping in and checking out the review. I appreciate your answers and was surprised to learn of the variety in vampire books you've read. I wasn't familiar with a lot of them. I'll be hosting a giveway of some "hot off the presses" YA books over the next week or two. A publisher surprised me with one the other day, so I'm giving it away. Now, without further ado, let's get to the good stuff. The winners of Dracula in Love are...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book Review and Giveaway: Dracula in Love: Two Winners for this one!

Title: Dracula in Love
Author: Karen Essex
Publisher: Doubleday
Format: Finished Book
ISBN: 978-0385528914
Price: $25.95; Pages: 370
Release Date: August 10, 2010

I have a faint remembrance of reading the original Dracula many years ago. I recall it's told from the perspective of the men in the story, particularly Jonathan Harker, whose fiancee Mina Murray, was the object of Dracula's desire...or something along those lines. In Dracula in Love, Karen Essex takes the story in a new direction. She tells this old classic from the female point of view. It is written in first person from the perspective of Mina. Let's take a look at the blurb on the book.

Reader, you are about to enter a world that exists simultaneous with your own. But be warned: in its realm, there are no rules, and there is certainly no neat formula to become--or to destroy--one who has risen above the human condition...The truth is, we must fear monsters less and be warier of our own kind. (from the books prologue)

London, 1890. Mina Murray, the rosy-cheeked, quintessentially pure Victorian heroine, becomes Count Dracula's object of desire. To preserve her chastity, five male "defenders" rush in to rescue her from the vampire's evil clutches. This is the story we've been told. But now, from Mina's own pen, we discover that the story is vastly different when told from the female point of view...

Friday, September 17, 2010

And the Winners of Blogmania 2010 are...

I tell you. This was a lot of fun...and a lot of work! Whew! But I"m grateful for everyone who stopped in, had kind words to say about my blog and became a follower. I truly appreciate it and never take you guys for granted. I'm happy to have my largest number of winners in a giveaway yet!

You had the opportunity to meet some awesome sponsors. They were kind and generous in contributing to this giveaway. When time allows, check out their links again and do some shopping. They have fabulous items at excellent prices.

I know everyone wants to know if they've won, so I won't keeping you waiting any further. The winners of Blogmania 2010 are...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teen Love, Angst and Shenanigans! A YA Extravaganza: Blogmania 2010. Eight Winners for this!


Well folks, I'm at it again. Another totally awesome opportunity to get some great reading material and freaking outstanding jewelry into your hands! I mean, you've gotta love this. I know I do and I'm stoked to offer it all to you. Let's get right down to business.

My Giveaway and Rules:

If you follow this blog, you know I make it easy. In my humble opinion, there's nothing worse than seeing something you would like to win, but you have to jump throw too many hoops to get it...ugh!...torture. If you're interested in a chance to win, just become a follower if you're not already (you wont regret it!) and leave a comment with your email. That's it. Just know this,  all winners are selected randomly, so when you enter, there is no guarantee which one you will win.  Since most of the prizes are coming from sponsors, I can't guarantee they will ship outside of the US, so the giveaway this time is open to residents of the US only.  Now, let's get to the good stuff.

The Grand Prize consists of two books by my favorite YA author Simone Elkeles: Perfect Chemistry,  her breakout novel and Rules of Attraction, released this spring and a New York Times Best Seller!
 I'm also including a beautiful necklace from one of my super sponsors, One Heart Jewelry. The jewelry is handcrafted and gorgeous. Make sure you click that link and check out that site! Bookmark it. I just bought some beautiful earrings from there.

 Harlequin TEEN has graciously offered to donate some books, and I'm extremely appreciative.  They will be sending three winners one of the following: The Iron Daughter by Julie Kadawa, released 8/1/10; Past Midnight by Mara Purnhagan, released 9/1/10 and Unraveled by Gena Showalter, released 8/31. A special thanks to Natashya Wilson of Harlequin TEEN for making the books available.

The First Prize will consist of The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa and a lovely blue enameled pendant. The Iron Daughter is a tale of faeries, betrayal of love and war in a world other than our own.The pendant is contributed by Ox Original Art Jewelry, another site of beautiful hand-crafted jewelry. Make sure to check in. This blue-green enameled pendant is done in the abstract expressionism style with color fields of aqua, teal and blue. The fields are separated with lines of brown and rust. The hand wrapped bail features an amazonite abacus and copper accent beads.

The Second Prize is a very special timepiece. It's a handmade clock that fits in perfectly with our Love theme. This unusual timekeeper is coming your way, courtesy of MakingTimetc. You will not believe the decorative clocks you'll find there.       

The Third Prize finds us back to Harlequin TEEN and the YA book,  Unraveled. The main character is a teen boy who has werewolves for friends, a girlfriend who's a hungry vampire and four human souls living in his head. Sounds like he's going through Hell to me. No wonder he's unraveling, so...Lol...I'm going to pair this book with an unusual hand-crafted collage teen angst pewter pendant with 24 inch chain. This is being donated by Fireflygirl Inspirations. You'll find unique and copyrighted pieces at her shop that you're not going to see anywhere else.

Monday, September 13, 2010

And the Winners of Blogfest 2010 are...

Gosh. You guys are great. I wish I had a prize for each and everyone of you.  I'm glad my selections seem to have been a hit. I do my best. Let's get to the winners. The Grand Prize winner is...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Three Day Giveaway Only: Sept 10-12. A Literary Mix and a Little Touch of Bling! Three Winners for This! BlogFest 2010



This is an awesome opportunity to explore lots of blogs, all of which, ARE GIVING AWAY A VERY SPECIAL BLOGFEST GIVEAWAY  (For Three Days Only: 9/10-9/12) .
Each blog will have a link and take you to the next blog you should visit. When you are finished here, please go to this link:
 Reader Girls: to continue your blogging treasure hunt!

If you see something that interests you on any of our participating blogs, you can bookmark that site. Later, when you have more time, you can discover all that it has to offer. 

*** There is a massive BlogFest 2010 grand giveaway!  Head on over to and click on the Tracking Site link to head to our own exclusive tracking site.  Once there you can register with a valid email address (to be used solely for the purpose of contacting the winner).  This site will allow you to track your progress through BlogFest 2010!  You can log on from anywhere at any time and continue where you left off.  The best part is that every blog that you visit and mark off through this tracking site will give you one entry into the massive giveaway!  We have a great collection of books, goodies and other swag that is looking for a new home!

Now, here are the particulars of MY GIVEAWAY and RULES:

Grand Prize
I like to keep it simple folks. For a chance to win the Grand Prize, the First Prize and the Second Prize just become a follower if you're not already and and leave a comment with your e-mail or some way to contact you. That's it! What could be simpler? Let's go over the lovely prizes:

The Grand Prize consists of two books, the thriller novel, Alex Cross's Trial by James Patterson and Richard Dilallo as well as Grace Under Pressure-A Manor House Mystery by Julie Hyzy. The Grand Prize package also includes a charm bracelet made up of pocketbooks. I know someone who preferred a necklace and took the bracelet apart to use the charms for that purpose. You're only limited by your creative vision.
Grand Prize
Grand Prize


First Prize
The First Prize consists of the novel Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner, the British author who is one of the "Founding Mothers" of Chick Lit. This is her debut novel and I picked it up in a bookstore when I visited London this summer. It's brand new and unread-I haven't had time, so I may as well let someone enjoy it. Accompanying this First Prize is a pair of jade tone earrings with a gold tone setting. The picture doesn't do them justice and they're quite pretty.
First Prize


Second Prize
The Second and final prize consists of the historical Romance, The Beloved Scoundrel by Iris Johansen. This is new and unread as well. Just not enough time in the day, but my loss is your gain.  

Winners will be chosen randomly, so when you enter, there is no guarantee which prize you will win.  The winners will be announced during the week of Sept 13. Giveaway open only to residents of the US and Canada. Sorry folks, but the shipping can be quite expensive. Thanks for coming by and don't forget to stop by
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Thanks guys and don't be strangers. I hope you stop by again. I try to keep it interesting around here.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Awesome Giveaway! Romance Author Cynthia Roberts of Wind Warrior wants you to check this out!

Wind Warrior Blog Tour Giveaway      

Sept 1 ~ Sept. 30

Cynthia Roberts, author of her debut historical romance, Wind Warrior has something pretty darn dynamic for all of Writing is a Blessing visitors, friends and subscribers ... one of the largest blog tour promotional giveaways ever attempted.

Breaking into the world of romance fiction is a challenge unto itself but more so, when you’re a newly published author. Writing is a Blessing is excited to participate in this venture with Cynthia and help introduce Wind Warrior to the world of romance readers. The bonus … every one has the chance to compete for not one, but five pretty extraordinary prizes which will include:

1. Romantic Two-lid willow picnic basket with deluxe service for two ~ $125.00 value

2. Succulent Godiva Chocolate Tier ~ $75.00 value

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4. Amazon Gift Certificate ~ $25 value

5. Amazon Gift Certificate ~ $25 value

To view the gifts & read further descriptions visit her website at

Contest Rules Are As Follows:

My Selection for Waiting on Wednesday: Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton

Jill at Breaking the Spine hosts this meme that lets all of us check out and learn what are the hotly awaited books to read.

Ari can’t help feeling lost and alone. With teal eyes and freakish silver hair that can’t be changed or destroyed, Ari has always stood out. And after growing up in foster care, she longs for some understanding of where she came from and who she is. 

Her search for answers uncovers just one message from her long dead mother: Run. Ari can sense that someone, or something, is getting closer than they should. But it’s impossible to protect herself when she doesn’t know what she’s running from or why she is being pursued. 

She knows only one thing: she must return to her birthplace of New 2, the lush rebuilt city of New Orleans. Upon arriving, she discovers that New 2 is very...different. Here, Ari is seemingly normal. But every creature she encounters, no matter how deadly or horrifying, is afraid of her. 

Ari won’t stop until she knows why. But some truths are too haunting, too terrifying, to ever be revealed. 

This sounds so creepy and horrific. I want to know what's up with this girl that the most terrifying of creatures are afraid of her! I have an idea, but I've got to read this book to find out if I'm right. Is any one willing to join me?

Releases February 22, 2011

Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School, British Style.

London Zoo
I write YA and I counsel children. Naturally, children capture my attention not matter where I am. Visiting England was no different. School was in session while I was there and I saw a number of children walking in groups outdoors going various places. I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures. I love the way the kids all have on uniforms. The boys look so formal, wearing their ties. Nice.

The little girls in pink were on a trip to the London Zoo. Several of them ran over to a teacher and started asking questions. I laughed when the teacher said to them, "Look. I'm not even supposed to be here today. I'm just trying to make sure you don't kill yourselves. Please go and ask Mrs. Abbey other there." No matter what country you're in, kids can be a

Near Covent Garden

Near Trafalgar Square

Royal Botanical Gardens Kew

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Halo: Released Yesterday. Check Out the Book Trailer!

Ahh...the book with that awesome cover...Here's the book trailer...enjoy..

My Selection for Waiting on Wednesday: Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler

Waiting on Wednesday is a terrific meme started by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It gives all of us a chance to see what each other are anxiously awaiting to read.

The premise of Hunger, a YA book, sounds so weird and quirky, I'm really looking forward to checking it out. It's about seventeen year-old Lisa who is anorexic. She has been appointed one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (which is discussed in the book of Revelation in the bible, btw). Can you guess which one? *Hint* She's anorexic so...come on...I'll give a few more minutes for those of you who don't know the name of the four horseman...ready? Okay. Lisa is appointed to be... Famine.

I can't wait to see how the author combines the issue of eating disorders with the spiritual element that the bible prophesies is a real event, yet to come.

Hunger releases October 18th.