Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Moon, Stephanie Meyer and all that kind of what's to say? Plenty!

Well, I know I'm late to the party. I finally finished reading New Moon yesterday. I wanted to complete it before Eclipse comes out next week and mission accomplished. Yay me! When Twilight came out, I had no idea it was a book until people in the theatre told me. I loved the movie and wasn't disappointed like some were because I had no idea how the much was changed, cut out of the story etc. I've decided to continue this format and watch the movie first, then read the book.

Those of you who have read my earlier post may recall I didn't like New Moon the movie as much as Twilight. I wasn't expecting much from the book, but I was happily surprised and found it pretty engaging. I know there are a lot of Jacob/Taylor Lautner fans out there, but I find the Jacob of the book a more interesting character than the movie version. Taylor's doing a good job, mind you, I just think the literary Jacob is more compelling.

Perusing the internet and online communities, even in writer conferences, I've heard so many complaints about Stephanie Meyer's writing. I find that annoying. Of course, people have their own taste and writing and/or reading a story is very subjective, but really folks, I think she is an excellent story-teller. The woman knows how to tap into the ultimate fantasy of girls and woman the world over and that's why the book has sold so widely.
One thing I noticed in New Moon the book, that I didn't pick up on so much in Twilight, was how many times Meyers described Edward as hard and cold. She spoke of Alice, his sister in the same manner. It made me think. Essentially, she's saying Edward feels like a block of ice. Not exactly my idea of a great cuddle, but therein lies her genuis. The story (in my humble opinion) was so engaging, I was willing to suspend my logic and buy into the romance even though I know realistically, hugging a guy that is hard as marble and cold as ice is not enticing! It would be very uncomfortable and distracting--in a bad way.

I think a lot of people are jealous of her success. I heard a fairly accomplished YA author say she didn't think Stephanie had put in enough hard work. Well I say so what? If anyone becomes a huge success without having to slave away, I don't have a problem with it. It was meant to be. It was her destiny. What people have to remember is that Stephanie Meyer didn't know she was going to become Stephanie Meyer. I've heard she just wanted to earn enough money to pay off the family van. It was her sister's idea to submit the story.

At it's core, this is what I take away from all things Stephanie Meyer: if you're a writer, write the story that's in you. Don't get too caught up in trends, what's selling, trying to imitate others etc, just write the story that is in you. That story will take you where you're supposed to go. It will find its place in the market or in readers hearts--or not, but once you've written what you desire, rest in that and let it be. At least you know you were true to yourself and to the story that's burning within you. You can't have much control over anything else.

Remember, Stephanie had no clue she was about to become the Stephanie (Same thing for JK Rowling). She wasn't trying to become a bestselling author, get a movie deal--nothing. As a matter of fact, she wracked up a number of rejections before an assistant pulled her out of the slushpile. Even this shows it was her fate because she had actually gone over the accepted word count and should have been dismissed on that alone, but the assistant didn't know that and turned the story over to the agent.

I'm sure Meyer is just as blown away by the way things turned out as anyone. It was her destiny, so stop hatin' on her and write the best story you can write! Whereever that story takes you, live with it. To do anything less is just negative energy and a tremendous waste of your creative time. That is all.



  1. I totally agree with your post! Stephanie Meyer knows how young girls feel when they are in love and she has successfully tapped into that emotion. This is why Twilight is so darn successful. I am like you, i was late on the twilight train and i saw the first movie and really liked it. Then i read the book and was disappointed that soo many things were left out. I am glad the Hardwick changed up the story a bit but still to omit huge chunks of the book was not good at all. I have never like New Moon (book or movie) because it was really slow. I cant wait for July 7th when Eclipse comes out in my country. So far initial reviews are saying that the movie is the best thus far!.

  2. Based on the previews I see on TV, it looks really good! As soon as I see it, I'll read the book. I totally understand what you mean about New Moon. I wasn't crazy about the movie and I started the book months ago, but finally finished it. I ultimately liked it, but Twilight, Book One beats it by far. Thanks for your thoughts Bookadventure.

  3. I enjoyed the books very much - I hope you enjoy the movies and the books!

  4. I agree with you, too many people are so busy criticizing what she did wrong, they forget to notice all of the things she did right! I loved all four books, and the movies.

    As a writer, rather than wasting my energy on focusing on her errors, I plan to continue to analyze her success and learn from it!

  5. So far so good Beverly. I'm hanging in for the Twilight ride!

    Thanks Joanne. I mean, let's face it. Her writing can't be as bad as some folks make it out to be or she wouldn't be the phenomenon she is. Honestly, when reading the books, I haven't even noticed the stuff they're complaining about.

  6. June...I agree with your thoughts, too...I watched her on an hour long interview and she was so clear about how this idea came to her. She said the story came to her in a dream...she could not stop thinking and feeling and finally typing her dream into her was a tiny little writing space and she said she was just compelled. And when she was choosing Edward... the Edward for the movie...Rob Pattinson was the last actor she saw and again she just simply that is a story.

  7. Yeah Patty. It was the woman's destiny. The story carried her where it was supposed to. No more, no less. That's what a lot of people don't understand. Some things are just meant to be. Millions of people are enjoying the fruits of her labor, I among them!


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