Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweetie goes to the doctor....

My cat, Sweetie is the original scardy cat. I mean, they must have known she was coming and coined the word in her honor. When she was born, she was the most timid of the litter. When her brother and sister would play and pounce on each other, Sweetie wanted nothing to do with it. No rough and tumble life for her! When the other kittens started to eat solid food and came running when they saw me approach, not Sweetie! She hung back and had to be coaxed to eat. The others would scramble to get down if you picked them up, but Sweetie would just lie there, quietly. She's eleven years old now and still timid. If we have guests over, Sweetie won't even come in the house. She has to be carried in to make sure she eats! She is a sweet girl and hence, her name.

These pics are from her latest visit to the vet. She was so frightened, she literally trembled during the whole exam. Poor baby. We love her so much...
Who's that?!?   
Oh God. How long is this gonna take?
That's it. You can do it.
No. I don't want to.


Can we go home now?



  1. She is such a sweetie...really...she and Lucy are about the same age!!!

    Our girls can age delicately together!!!

    Do you think they would get along?

  2. Sweetie will probably try to get to the treats first, Patty, but yeah. I think she and Lucy could make a go of it...ha ha ha...


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