Sunday, October 28, 2012

Interview with NYT bestselling author, Melissa de la Cruz

The second installment in Melissa de la Cruz's original e-book series, Wolf Pact released October 23, 2012. I was curious as to why she decided to write a story totally in e-book form, so I asked her. This is what she had to say...

Why I Love Serialized Fiction by Melissa de la Cruz

I'm a huge fan of serialized fiction, to me they're like little TV episodes for a book -- tune in next week for the next installment! I actually started my fiction career by writing serial fiction. I wrote "Cat's Meow" which became my first novel as a weekly column for a fashion website called my friends and I started. I collected them into a proposal and then Simon and Schuster bought it as my first novel. After the book was published, Gotham magazine asked if I wanted to write a weekly serial for them, so I wrote "The Fortune Hunters" for a year. I sold it as a novel to Random House but I actually got too busy and wasn't able to publish it. (Maybe I still will one day, who knows!) 

So to me, going back to serial fiction is like coming home. WOLF PACT was not originally intended to be a serial or an ebook, but as I began to write it, I knew how IMPORTANT it was to publish it before the final Blue Bloods book came out, and how much of a richer reading experience Gates of Paradise would be with the wolves' back story and we decided to go e-book in order to bring WOLF PACT to the fans first. I wrote the novel as a novel, and when we made this decision, I had to figure out how to restructure it so it would fit the serial format. It worked out pretty well, because I'd laid out the book in four parts anyway, and from two POVs—Lawson and Bliss.

WOLF PACT was years in the making, but writing isn't a machine-like process, it took a long time for the story to gel and to discover how the wolves' story related to the vampires. Once you unearth it though, it always amazes me how well it fits, as if it was there all along. I always forget a writer's job is to hunt for the gem of the story in the idea. You have to keep chiseling away to find it. When you do, your work is done, and you turn it in.

Released 10/23/12
And don't forget, the series only cost $1.99 at Amazon and $2.54 for the Barnes &Noble Nook!



  1. Great post! It's true. Serial fiction is exciting because you have something to look forward to (maybe on a weekly basis.) It's nice to know that Melissa started her first novel like that. ;)

    Fragments of Life

    1. Hi Precious. Glad to be a part of you learning something new!

  2. Well...I have not heard of this one...I wonder why... I am usually so informed...about everything bookish...I am off to most likely make a purchase...this is why Amazon is my friend...

    1. Seems I've been ahead of you a couple of times, Patty. I'm shocked! Lol...


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