Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I've been trying to see WARM BODIES since it first came out, but the weather was so crummy last week, I couldn't stand to leave the house. Then BEAUTIFUL CREATURES came out and I was behind schedule with my movie watching. I do love going to the theater, so for Christmas, a couple of folks gave me $100.00 worth of movie gift cards. Yipee!!!

This past weekend, I decided to see BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. I read the book, so I was very interested in seeing the movie. I was disappointed they didn't show that weird dog/human-like creature called Boo Radley (I think that's his name. It's been awhile since I read the book). The name was mentioned, but they never showed the creature.

Overall, I enjoyed it. It was a bit low on tension and drama, somewhat more on the quiet side, but I felt it was very consistent with the book and made for an interesting evening out.

It wasn't my intent to see WARM BODIES the same night, but since it was starting shortly after BEAUTIFUL CREATURES ended and it was a fairly warm evening, I decided to hang out a little later and see it.

OMG! I LOVED it! Of all the paranormal creatures, I don't care for zombies, but I'm making an exception. This movie was so absolutely sweet, adorable, funny, scary, a bit disgusting...It was awesome, okay? You had to root for the zombie boy to find love. He was so lonely and sad with his "life". There were so many girls in the theater squealing and making ooh's and ah's. There was a lot of good natured laughter too. I didn't know this was a book. I want to know if it's as good as the movie. You cannot NOT enjoy this movie. WARM BODIES is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

So, the winner is...WARM BODIES of course! Duh! Lol...

Toodles, Y'all


  1. June it has been close to a year since last went to see a movie on big screen, almost forgotten how much better than watching a DVD on TV is. We stopped going because movies we want to watch are all over 2 hours and my husband and I both cannot stand to sit that long anymore, we both end up so sore and stiff we can barely get up to leave the theatre!

    1. Oh, man, Jackie! I didn't know your husband was having it rough too. And they do seem to be making the movies longer these days.

  2. Loved your thoughts...I had a feeling Warm Bodies would be awesome...apparently reviewers slammed the Beautiful Creatures movie...I have to say even the previews looked bad...sigh!

  3. Yeah, Patty. The theater for Beautiful Creatures was pretty empty and it was on the second day. Warm Bodies had way more people and it was on it's second week out!


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