Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book Review: SEVER (The Chemical Garden Trilogy) by Lauren DeStefano

Book Three

Sever is the final book in The Chemical Garden Trilogy. It picks up exactly where Fever, the second book, ended: Rhine, our teen heroine has been re-captured by her father-in-law, Vaughn.  As part of his eagerness to find a cure for the virus that plagues the young people of the day, Rhine is subjected to his torturous experiments against her will. She escapes and finds sanctuary with a surprising savior: Vaughn’s brother, Reed.
Rhine now knows her own brother, Rowan, is alive, but he’s not the boy she remembers. He’s part of an underground rebellion that’s bent on destruction. She has to let him know she’s still alive before his grief pushes him to carry-on with his plan for total destruction.
Time is running out as each year brings Rhine closer to falling to the virus’ deadly consequences.
The author did an excellent job of letting us know who the characters are from the inside out and their relationship to each other. She took their interconnectedness to unexpected realms. Ms. DeStefano is not afraid of letting bad things happen to good people. There are a number of revelations and delicious twists that will leave one more than a little surprised and perhaps saddened.
Ms. DeStefano excels in world building throughout this series. The description of the unique environs play a part in setting the stage, in combination with the sensibilities of the characters; how they interact with the rather dark and dreary world they inhabit. In spite of such somberness, the author displays her writing skill by her ability to evoke an undercurrent of hopefulness. The readers will find themselves eager to find that light at the end of the tunnel right along with the characters, wishing them the very best as they seek a better world in which to live and flourish.
The author crafted such a unique world with this series, I'm looking forward to what she's going to create next. I want to know what else is cooking in that head of hers!


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