Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Why...Why did I have to click on it....?

The other night, I fell asleep too early and woke up in the middle of the night. I laid in bed waiting to fall asleep again, but it wasn't happening. I couldn't get back to sleep to save my life! I recently upgraded my phone and it has a bigger screen, so I've become slightly obsessed with it. I LOVE to go online with it! I grabbed it and decided to hit some sites. Paul Walker came to mind. The first Fast and Furious movie has always been my favorite. I remember when I went to see it in the movies with some of my friends and we sat and watched it twice! When it comes on TV, I always watch it, no matter how many times it comes on. Over the weekend, several of the Fast and Furious movies were playing. I haven't seen all of them, so I watched all the ones that came on. I guess because I did this, Paul Walker was in my head.

I goggled him and of course, there were reports about the terrible tragedy of his death. It was quite depressing and sad and I had a feeling I should just stop while I was ahead, but I decided to click one more link. Big mistake...

It took me to pics of the crash site which has been seen numerous times on TV. What I wasn't expecting to see were pictures of Paul's burned and ravaged body! Oh Lord...One of my friend's said maybe it wasn't real. Maybe it wasn't. I hope not, but it looked pretty believable. It was the same locale I've seen on TV.  One picture was of the burned car with a tarp over it, covering the bodies, but you could see the burned knee of Paul's friend sticking out under the steering wheel. A couple of others ones showed a body lying next to the wreck in a body bag, burned to a crisp! That is NOT how I want to remember him! Damn!! I want to scrub the image out of my mind! Adding credibility to this debacle, it was announced on the news today that someone is trying to sell photos of the corpses to the highest bidder. I don't think a magazine like People will buy them, but I don't think a tabloid like The Enquirer can resist. I remember seeing autopsy photos of President Kennedy in The Enquirer. And let's not forget, they posted the pics of Whitney Houston in her casket. Oh my goodness...What can one say? It's just all so sad...*shaking my head*...sigh...Goodbye, Paul...

Be blessed, ya'll...


  1. Now that is sad...when I can't sleep I read...and I fall asleep in minutes!

  2. Oh June that is sad and so disrespectful. It was a shock and very sad but have to see that is to much. :-(

    1. Oh's just beyond die in such a horrible kind of imagine it, but to see the evidence of really is too much...and to such a very sweet guy too...*sigh*...


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