Sunday, December 4, 2011

Breaking Dawn: The Twilight Saga. Just a few words...

Of course I had to go see Breaking Dawn. I've only read the first Twilight book. I think I read half of New Moon, but I'm not sure. I saw the movie and keep getting what I saw on film and the book mixed up! I'll probably have to start the book again.

I went to Barnes and Noble to get the movie edition of Breaking Dawn. I like that the movie-connected versions of the books are smaller and take up less space. I enjoyed the movie, but did find it a bit depressing and somber. Considering the subject matter, that makes sense. Still, it's one of the better movies in the series. I like that they emphasized the couples sexuality and didn't hold back on it. I didn't read the book yet, so I don't how that plays out there, but I think the movie was a realistic depiction and tastefully done.

What happened to Edward's hair?! miss that thick mop he used to have. You can definitely see everyone is getting older. Robert Pattinson remarked in an interview a couple of years ago that they better hurry up and shoot these films because he wouldn't remain looking like 17 for too long. I chuckled looking at the film because a couple of cast members have put on a few pounds. Carlisle, papa Cullen isn't looking as lean and predatory as he did in 2008 and brother Emmett is looking a bit my husband remarked on Bella, asking me how old she was. She has matured, most definitely. He noted how Twilight really put Kristin Stewart on the map--and this is from a man who gets all his updates about pop culture from me! He could care less, otherwise. I make it my business to ensure he stays in the Twilight loop! Lol...

The first Twilight will always be my favorite, though. Even though the make-up was pretty bad, the magic of that first introduction is hard to beat :-)



  1. I love all of them!!!
    However, after seeing Breaking Dawn...I am now team Jacob!!!

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  3. Yeah, Patty. I moved into Jacob's camp after New Moon!

  4. Still Team Edward. :) I read all of the books and definitely enjoyed them more than the movies. I think the movies are fun and pretty well done- but I just picture the whole story better in my mind. I think the 4th movie was great and you are right about the characters! I guess that is the trick with filming a vampire movie over a couple of years. Nice post!



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