Monday, January 17, 2011

Gosh. I hope they don't kill Ted Williams...

Unless you've been in a coma over the past two weeks (and my heartfelt sympathies if that's the case-truly), I'm sure you've heard of Ted Williams, the gentleman who was homeless and then made instantly famous because someone posted a video of him on YouTube speaking with that "golden" announcer's voice. I love to hear that clip and run to the TV every time it comes on.

I thought it was awesome that this happened and I was happy to see him get a golden opportunity. Then I heard he was going to be on Dr. Phil and I became concerned. I put my therapist hat on and began to look at the situation with clinical eyes. "This doesn't sound appropriate," I said to myself. The plan was for him to get reconnected to his family. "But on national TV?" I said. This guy was only "discovered" one week ago (at that time). He should not be on a TV show with the family he abandoned years ago trying to "reconnect" or anything else. He's not ready for that and neither are they. He has to become whole first, before he can deal with anyone else.

Then I thought: The Dr. Phil show has arranged for this fellow to appear on the show only one week after his entry into the national consciousness and meet with his family. This is so mercenary. This is for ratings and this guy doesn't have the ego strength for such an endeavor. Sure enough, he had a physical altercation with his daughter and it was all over the headlines. I didn't know that particular incident would happen, but I knew this whole setup wasn't a good idea from a therapeutic perspective.

Then his daughter. She said what a liar he was and that he was still drinking. I had to question her motives. What is she trying to do? Get all his offers for job opportunities rescinded? That's not going to help him or her in the long run. She's angry. Furious. In pain. And that is to be understood. That's why this "meeting" should not have been in a public venue on any level. It should have been behind closed doors, in private with a therapist that adheres to standards of confidentiality.

Remember when Brittany Spear's family became angry with Dr. Phil for publicly discussing his interactions with them when Brittany was bugging out?
The national obsession with fame, fortune and celebrity sucks up even the best of us, those who should know better.

The media has shown every mug shot the guy ever took. Hello! We know he was homeless and a drug abuser when he was "discovered". No surprise there. He committed crimes to support his habit. Why are you showing us that stuff? As quickly as they build you up, they take great delight in tearing you down...even when it doesn't make sense! We already know he was living like a bum. That's the whole point of his story. He's the phoenix rising from the ashes for goodness sake!

The sharks are circling and there's blood in the water. Ted Williams already has a publicist (and manager). I'm sure he didn't secure such representation on his own. And hardly in a weeks time. He looks very shaky and weak emotionally when I've seen him of late. He's supposed to be going to a rehab facility. I wish him the best and if he makes money, I pray he'll be able to hold on to it. I hope he doesn't get swallowed up in the world of celebrity partying. He clearly has an addictive propensity and the Hollywood lifestyle has torn up more than a few folks who were coming from a stronger foundation than he is right now.

I hope Ted Williams doesn't lose his life through drink, drugs or suicide. If you believe in prayer, pray for his survival. He's going to need it.



  1. Fantastic post, yes I have heard of him and it's pretty amazing. My thoughts exactly, he seems like a nice man, I hope he uses his new-found fame for good and in a sensible manner rather than just blow away all the money. I think this chance is a blessing and he should not mess up. Hopefully he has learnt from previous mistakes!

  2. We can hope that will be the case Blue. Hopefully honest people will lend him a helping hand and not try to pluck the poor fellow clean! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I know...he does not have a great history...and I wondered how he could be "ok" without some form of rehab...good for you and your therapist hat...does it have feathers?


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