Monday, April 4, 2011

Addicted to books, especially those of the YA variety....Is this a little crazy or what?

Is it possible to be addicted to reading books? I've always been a lover of books. I don't even remember learning how to read. I can recall being a little kid, riding along in the car and my parents and brother were so impressed as I read all the street signs, billboards, names of stores etc. I hadn't started school yet. I even read the cereal boxes over and over again as I ate breakfast. I couldn't eat a meal without some kind of reading material in front of me. This didn't bother my mother, but if my father was at the table--forget it. He was a lot more formal and the table was for eating only. I didn't even enjoy my meal as much because I couldn't read at the same time. It seemed to make the food taste

Maybe it's my imagination or my perception is off, but it feels like people are obsessed with reading YA books. When I see all the reading challenges and the list of books people are reading, it makes my head spin. I'd have to quit my job to read all the books I hear about, or at the very least, make reading them a part-time job. Working full time, keeping my blog current, tweeting, chatting, emailing, skirting around through the social media and living life...whew! There is only 24 hours in the day. I don't know how people get the time to read so many books and yet, I feel like I have to keep up. I have to read the most current, most hottest book too. I have books spilling out of every corner. My bookshelfs are full and the books are now piling up on tables, chairs...the floor...

There are so many good books and I hate missing out, but I've got to strike a balance. Besides the ARC's I receive for review, I'm writing my own book and that takes quite a bit of time. Then I have a stack of books I've bought that are waiting to be read. I tell myself I'm going to cut back on the number of ARC's for review, so I can concentrate on my own reading pile, but then another "hot, must read, of the moment" book comes along and I. Must. Read. It. Ugh....all my good intentions are out the window.

I'm going to keep trying...keep trying to be "okay" about not reading so many books and not having to know about the latest, greatest's harder than I thought, but I'm going to work at it...*sigh*.



  1. I relate to virtually everything you've written in this entry. Throughout my early years, I read a dozen books a week. After law school, I read maybe a book a month. That tapered off to maybe a couple books a year for the last few years till I made a concerted effort to read a book a month last year.

    I'm halfway through my ninth book of 2011 now. I was plowing through books in February, but found myself getting exhausted. This isn't 1988 anymore. I have stuff to do! Now I'm tempering my desire to read every YA book someone I know recommends with my desires to enjoy my young son, keep editing, keep writing . . . and keep living, period, in the meantime!

  2. Charmaine, YA books are worse than an ice cream addiction--or maybe just as

    Deb, thanks for the reality check. Glad someone is getting this! It can be pure madness! Thanks for dropping in.


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