Monday, August 27, 2012

The Sugar Chronicles (1)

Do you believe in the power of commercials? I didn't give it much thought until now, until said commercials swept me into a pit that I'm now trying to claw my way out of. Are you familiar with the Magnum ice cream bar? The actress, Rachel Bilson runs across the tops of cars in a traffic jam to get to one. I've watched those commercials for the longest time and I guess they were affecting me more than I realized. I went on vacation this summer and saw the bars in a store. They looked so good in the commercial, I decided to give them a try. Bad idea. I loved them. And now I'm hooked. I struggle not to buy them. They dance in my head, tempting me, teasing me, begging me to give them just one more chance!!! Argh!!!!

 I lost three pounds and put it back on because of those darn bars. At between 290-310 calories per bar--depending on the flavor, is it any wonder they're a diet destroyer?--especially if you eat more than one--which I hate to admit I did. Ugh!

I went to the supermarket yesterday and stood in front of the freezer, staring at the bars like a little kid. I managed to walk away...this time.

Toodles, ya'll


  1. OMG...too funny for words!!!

    I want those bars, too but we can't find them anywhere...they have mini ones!!!

    1. Oh I saw the mini ones! I'd probably eat enough to make a big one!


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