Friday, August 17, 2012

What would Bella do?!....

Kristin & Rob when times were good
I sure hope it wouldn't be making the choice that led to the debacle that poor Kristin Stuart finds herself in the midst of. You know, I always saw Kristen as kind of asexual, not exuding any real sex appeal to speak of. If anyone was the sex symbol it was Pattinson, albeit reluctantly. I first heard about this affair mess on that talk show, The Talk, with Julie Chen. Chen read Kristin's apology to Pattinson in which she said the "lip-lock" with her director was a momentary lapse of judgement and a one time thing. I bought it---until I saw those pictures.

It clearly wasn't something that happened once. You'd have to be a fool to believe that. I only posted a few, but some of the shots are so intimate, it's embarrassing to look at. The movie had long wrapped and been released. They had no need to be together. He called her and she hustled herself to meet him. Actually, it was the run-down, shabby neighborhood she drove to that attracted the photographer's attention. He decided to wait it out and see what the heck she was doing in a place like that. He's curiosity scored some major pics and broke up the king and queen of the teen scene.

Kristin & her director, Rupert Sanders
All this makes me think of a MTV Movie Awards interview that Kristin did with Pattinson in 2008. The interviewer asked if she and Pattinson had anything going on. Kristin's long-time boyfriend, Michael Angarano was standing to the side watching the interview. Kristin and Robert looked at each other in a very weird and pained way. I mean, it was striking to see. Robert looked so sad and they both looked upset. I viewed that interview several times to make sure I wasn't imagining things. Nope. I wasn't. I figured they either were really liking each other a lot and couldn't admit it, or they were secretly hooking up unbeknownst to anyone--including her clueless boyfriend Michael. It wasn't long after, that Michael was no where to be seen.
Kristin and Michael Angarano

I felt a bit bad for him. He had dated Kristin for several years and lost out to the hot, smokin' vampire co-star.

I guess Rob knows how he feels now...

Toodles, ya'll


  1. are better than the Enquirer...I never saw those this post!

  2. I agree with you that "momentary lapse of judgment" just doesn't cut it! I am really wondering how the promotion for their new movie this fall will go!

    1. Hey Rhapsody, if I were Robert, I'd be embarrassed to be seen on the Red Carpet with her. He has to feel like a fool!


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