Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two Questions.

Remember when Justin looked like this?!

I have two questions when it comes to the pop star, Justin Bieber: One, What happened to this kid and two, where are his parents?

I remember when he was a sweet little kid singing songs in his little baby voice. Since he's gotten older he seems to have turned into someone a lot less desirable. Is this what sudden fame and fortune did to him? Is he feeling extraordinarily empowered and thinking of himself more highly than he ought to?

In his prison jumpsuit being booked.

What does his mama think about all of this? I saw her on the news, I think it was last year, hawking a book she wrote. I think it was about being his mom! His present behavior isn't a great endorsement. And where's his daddy?! I never hear about him and wondered if he knew his dad or if he was deceased. I swear, I was wondering about this to a friend as I was reading the paper and when I looked down, there was a picture of Beiber's dad accompanying an article about Justin's recent DUI and speeding arrest! The article said his dad was in the car with him and witnessed his arrest...Okaaay...In the photo, his dad was wearing a wifebeater, gold chains, tattoos...he looked pretty thugged out. Not what I would have expected.

I know Justin is nineteen, but he seems to need a good spanking and firm, sound advice. Does anyone in his life have the guts to give it to him?! If not the spanking, at least the advice! Lol...

Toodles, y'all


  1. I think he bought his parents so much stuff that they are not going to reprimand him over anything...


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