Saturday, February 15, 2014

Why? I just want to know why...

If you're a mom with sons, would you pose with them like this? If you're childless and may have sons in the future, would you do it then? What kind of message is this behavior relying to the young men; to society?

This is a 45 year old mother with her two sons, ages 17 and 20. Maybe the rational is that if you're a very hot looking mom, you get a free pass to do things the average looking mom can't do. The pics above were in a leading fashion magazine. Does that make it okay? The shots below are random, candid family shots. Don't you, your friends and family members take fun shots with their kids at the beach like this? Huh?

We're in a world today that promotes perversity; that calls evil, good and good, evil.

Do you know the difference?

Read your bible to get a clue. Start in the book of Romans and check out the first chapter. Who are you going to believe?

Toodles, y'all...

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  1. I saw this the other day...and just gasped in shock...what is wrong with these people? They just want attention...seriously and they are not worth our time...

    1. Well said, PattyCake! Not worth the time it took to post it.

  2. I definitely have not seen anyone I know posing like this with their sons or any of the guys I know posing like this with their moms. Seems like odd mother/son poses.

    1. It sure is a first for me, Jess and I hope it's the last!


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