Sunday, April 27, 2014

Movie Review: Brick Mansions

When I saw a trailer of this movie, I was shocked to see the late Paul Walker of Fast and Furious fame. I thought the movie named Hours, was his last movie aside from Fast and Furious 7 due to release next year. I hadn't heard about Brick Mansions and only read a few reviews, which were mixed. One review said Walker was good, but the movie wasn't so hot. Being a Paul Walker fan, I wanted to honor him by seeing one of his last movies, so off I went yesterday. Check out this description:

In the criminal underworld of a dystopian Detroit, the streets are overrun with violence and drugs and the hand of corruption reaches into the lives of everyone; well almost everyone. For Lino (David Belle) every day is a fight to live an honest life. But when a drug lord kidnaps his girlfriend, Lino is forced to team up with Damien Collier (Paul Walker), an undercover cop who’s been tracking this king pin’s involvement in something even more sinister — a plot to devastate the entire city. Together they uncover a trail of corruption that leads all the way to the top.

Ok. Here are my thoughts...The movie was full of action. Some of the stunts were a tad too perfect and bordered on being a bit cartoonish. That being said...The film was totally entertaining!! I really enjoyed myself! It was cute to see Walker doing what he is known for most: the good-hearted undercover cop. I think some of the reviews are being too hard on the movie. Look, this isn't a film that's going to win an Academy Award, but it wasn't made with that in mind. It's for action junkies and Paul Walker fans. I'm not really an action junkie, but I can appreciate it.

If you're paying attention, you'll even recognize a social message about the haves and the have-nots. One review was disappointed that this angle wasn't played up more. It did get kind of swallowed up in all the dramatic action scenes, but hey, this is primarily an action movie--one with a heart of gold. You'll be totally surprised by the ending. There was a tribute to Walker at the end and I left the theater smiling. Honestly, I don't think anyone in the place left disappointed. Check it out. :-)

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