Monday, April 21, 2014

The Light That Will Never be Extinguished...

Today marks the anniversary of the loss of one of the sweetest girls ever: our girl, Boozie. For over a decade, she filled a loving place in our hearts and she remains near and dear to us still. Today, this post is in keeping a promise made to her many, many times: that she would never be forgotten. Indeed, not a day goes by in which she is not either a thought in the mind or the subject of a prayer of thanks for the pleasure and love she brought to our lives.

We love you, dear and forever.


  1. Gone but never forgotten, Boozie was and is a blessing June with treasured memories that you can always smile at even though you grieve for her loss. Hugs.

  2. Thanks, Jackie. You're so right. She still puts a smile on my face. :-)

  3. God's Light. Will you be Up thar eternally rejoicing or shall I have to kick-some-ass to take you away from Satan with Jesus as my Guide in the depths of the Abyss? God bless you


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