Monday, July 12, 2010

Did You Know Today is the Birthday of an American Literary Classic?

Now I know I said I'm on hiatus and I am. I'm not even in the US right now, but I did manage to snag a computer and get access to the internet, so I'm stopping in. It's just hard to kick this blogger/online addiction!

As a book lover and teacher as well, I couldn't let this day go by without giving you just a little lesson. I know it's summertime and all, but this is a mini lesson. So, are you ready? Good. I was hoping you'd say yes. Do you know who's birthday it is today? No, not your mom's, your friends, or anyone you've spoken to in your lifetime. Heres a hint. Who made this quote?

"Words do not lose their truth by time or misinterpretation, but stand unscathed longer than who spoke them"

If you've answered correctly, much congrats! I'm impressed. If you don't know or even if you do, check this out ...
It's the 193rd birthday of Henry David Thoreau. His book, Civil Disobedience influenced Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi. Iconic writers such as Marcel Proust, Sinclair Lewis and Henry Miller considered him a master.

Learn more about Thoreau and what some of his classical sayings are by going here:



  1. Although I do know who Thoreau is, am not a reader of any of his work. My husband on the other hand has read some of it so he may have known the quote.. You are right the little blue button looks colorfully coordinated on your right sidebar, more so than the Chihuahua Angel. Have a good sabbatical for summer!

    jackie ^_^

  2. Hey Jackie, I haven't read his stuff either! This is a teachable moment for all of us. Told you the button looks good :-)

  3. I've read some of his writing, a long time ago. Time to revisit it maybe. I didn't know about the birth date or the quote, but I like it.

  4. Yeah Sheila, it's pretty cool. It's one of those books to keep on the shelf and peruse every so often.

  5. June - thanks for being one of over 20 bloggers who helped us celebrate Henry David Thoreau's birthday on July 12 - THANK YOU!

  6. June...thanks for the Thoreau thumbs up...what have you been up to?

  7. I'm traveling at the moment, but I'll be back soon. Thanks for stopping in!

  8. have you left for the uk? wherever you are i hope it is wonderful! i love thoreau. the idea of a deliberate life is so appealing. x

  9. Hi Priya. I'm back and on my way to some place else. This is a crazy summer. Thanks for all your help!


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