Thursday, July 8, 2010

Working on My Novel: The Revision Process.

I'm happy to report that I have completed the story and I'm on my second round of revisions before I formally submit it to an agent. If you've never done this, you may think the job is done when you can write "The End" on the last page, but really, the work is only just beginning. No matter how much I believe I'm done, I always find ways to improve the writing when I go back to it.

Some agents were kind enough last night to have a chat and answer whatever questions you may have about getting published, what they do etc. I asked what do they see too much of in the way of the topics submitted to them. The answer was paranormal romance that is derivative, in essence, stories that are a copycat of what's already out there. A lot of folks envision themselves writing the next Twilight.  I have a suspicion that publishers want a book that has Twilight sensibilities, but has a new, unique spin--and this doesn't necessarily mean vampires. In fact, you'd probably be better off if it didn't have vampires because they are so prevalent, it's hard to stand out now. One agent confirmed this when she told me publishers are looking for a book that generates the same kind of emotions Twilight did.

I've been fooling around with two stories. One is a contemporary YA and one is a paranormal. I'm not sure how I ended up writing this paranormal story. It popped into my head and evolved. It flowed out and I wrote it down. I love to read a good romance and writing one has proven to be so much fun. I try to think of what girls would like to read. Books are a way to escape into another world and I want that world to be as intriguing as possible.

Of course, I know a publisher may have no interest in publishing my story, but I'll try and see if I get any bites. If I don't, my friends have certainly had a good time reading it, so I know someone enjoyed it and I  had a great time writing it--no matter how things turn out.



  1. I think that's an excellent outlook! I love paranormal (I know, duh) and I always write the story I would want to read. Well, I have an agent, but no book deals yet.. So, I'll let you know if that recipe works!

  2. Cool Lisa. Stay in touch and don't be a stranger. I need to know the real deal! I do know enough to understand that getting an agent is just the beginning. Nothing is guaranteed.

  3. All the best June. Hey I love to read romance

  4. Thanks Selva. I hope someone with be interested enough to publish it, so you and others can read it! LOL...

  5. Hey I found you on Meet the Blogs, and I am a new follower! I am an aspiring writer too but never seem to find the time :( I have too many hobbies haha. Just started a book review blog 2 weeks ago, check it out if you like! Congrats on your writing endeavors!

    Danielle @

  6. Hey Danielle. Thanks for stopping in. Time is definitely a factor in writing and I'm always amazed by how fast the time goes by.


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