Tuesday, July 20, 2010

They Came in the Mail! What I'm reading, what I'm going to read and some of what I'll be giving away *smile*

There are so many great books coming down the pike, honestly, I wish I had a job in which I got paid to do nothing, but read books--then write about them! I've received some really great novels over the last few weeks.

With the exception of MINDER, which I'm in the midst of reading and is available now, the other books you see here will be releasing in August, September and October. I'll be posting reviews on all, and giveaways of some of the books.

I'm enjoying MINDER so far and I couldn't resist starting HALO. Oh my goodness, can you say awesome?! This teen author is going places! Anyway, I've got tons of books to read and review as well as continuing to revise my own novel and do some more traveling, whew! It's a busy summer. Hope you all are enjoying yours.



  1. good stack of books :) hope you enjoy them

  2. Thanks for peeking in Paula. So far, so good. I haven't found a bad one--yet!

  3. It's cool right? I stopped by your site Jedisakora. It's quite lovely. Thanks for popping in.

  4. Nice books! I finished Halo last night. Amazing!

  5. Isn't it awesome?! I'm glad you agree. Thanks for the drop in Christie.

  6. Yeah. It's a nice little mix up. Nice to "see" you Mystica.


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