Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Awesomeness of a Lovely Award. My Thanks Knows No Bounds.

I was privileged to receive a most lovely award from an even lovelier lady this week. That lovely lady is Priya from The Plum Bean Project. She's written her first novel called Exit, The Actress and it will be published by Touchtone Fireside, an imprint of Simon and Schuster.

I am always amazed when I receive an award for my blog. I don't take it for granted that someone, one of you passing my way, thinks it's worthy enough to receive recognition. I truly thank you. I now want to pass on the greatness to someone else; five someones as a matter of fact.

There are stipulations to receiving this super award. To accept it, you must leave a comment on the post you were nominated on, make a list and post the last five books you read, then pass the award on to five other bloggers. Your mission, if you choose to accept it has been clearly stated :-) Now go forth and spread the book blogger goodness!

The last five books I read were:

Insatiable by Meg Cabot
Invisible Girl by Mary Hanlon Stone
Infinity-Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon
The Swimming Pool by Holly LeCraw
In Free Fall by Juli Zeh

Now on to the five fab blogs I've selected to be awarded:

Precious of Fragments of Life 
Kavyen of Reading between Pages

I pass this lovely award along to other lovely ladies. Check out their blogs and spend some time digging in. Enjoy.

Thanks again for thinking of me Priya!



  1. June I have some work to do on your award scroll HTML, Congratulations and never think you do not deserve these little tokens of appreciation for all your hard work!!! Thanks for passing the award on to my blog, I appreciate it lots.. I will do my post in a couple days when get everything situated to pass it on to my picks!!!

    jackie b central texas

  2. June...I went to all of the blogs you nominated and said nice things...I will post my books and blogs tomorrow...thank you again...

  3. You girls are just too sweet *smile*.

  4. June, thank you so much! :) It's nice to receive this award! And by the way, I read and reviewed Evernight at my blog. I love it!

  5. June, Thanks a zillion for passing on the award! You have a fabulous blog and you deserve all the awards that come your way. So Congratulations one more time!!
    I will be making my post in a day or two as well :)

  6. Wow Precious. You didn't waste any time digging into the book. I'm heading over to read your review.

    Thanks Kavyen. You are such a diligent blogger yourself, you deserve recognition.

  7. you are so welcome! your blog is marvelous!


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