Monday, May 24, 2010

New York Times Bestselling Author, Sherrilyn Kenyon: Queen of the Paranormal Introduces Her First YA Novel: INFINITY-CHRONICLES of NICK

As some of you well know and to those of you who don't, Sherrilyn Kenyon is a pioneer in in the realm of writing the paranormal. She is an international best seller of a number of series; some of which include: The Dark-Hunter, Lords of Avalon, The League, Brotherhood of the Sword among others.

Her first teen novel, Infinity-Chronicles of Nick is going to be released tomorrow and I want to give you a taste of it here. I'll be posting a review and possible giveaway so stay tuned and click on some of the links below to enjoy the preview of things to come.



  1. Kenyon is just it for me. love all the stories and am really anxious for this installment about Nick... Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your review June!!

    Jackie B Central Texas

  2. I have a friend that is all about Kenyon. Love's her stuff and always tells me about her. This is the first read for me. I'll certainly be following the Nick series! Now I'm motivated to pull the book about Acheron off the shelf that she gave me and dig into it!


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