Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sparkling Sunday Shopping: Sneak Preview of Giveaway Goodies: BLOGMANIA-Sept 15 & 16. Be Here!

I'm starting a new feature to highlight the goodies I'll be giving away in the Fall edition of Blogmania. It will be held over two days this time (9/15,16) to give people more time to hunt through the treasures up for grabs. I've been fortunate to get some generous and thoughtful sponsors to donate to my giveaway, so it's going to be an awesome event!

Seeking sponsors has given me the opportunity to find some truly wonderful shops that are offering very unique and often one-of-a kind pieces. You all know I am all about YA and smoking teen love, so that's going to be my giveaway theme. During Sparkling Sunday Shopping (SSS), I am going to highlight my sponsors and let you see for yourself, what kind of great stuff they have. Your giveaway prizes are going to come from these shops, so stop in, look around and bookmark them for some fun shopping of your own!

Today, let's check out Ox Original Art Jewelry by Patsy Oxley . Patsy has beautiful jewelry. One of you will be winning on of her pieces and the rest better shop and snatch up one of her originals before they're gone!:

OxOriginalArtJewelry's Shop Announcement

Welcome! Ox Original Art Jewelry seeks to seduce one's sense of color, texture, and design by creating original pieces of wearable art. I combine fragments of natural and organic images found commonly in Colorado with precious and semi-precious metals and gemstones in ways that express their individuality and uniqness. My purpose is not to conform, or to imitate, but to utilize nature's own sense of originality, contradiction, and understatement in pursuit of artistic expressions of the ordinary made extraordinary, the usual made unusual, the common become uncommon.

Now, let's check out Making Time TC by Janice Johnson . She makes specialized clocks and one of you will be winning one of those as well. Stop in her shop and browse around!

makingtimetc's Shop Announcement

Hello and welcome to Making Time TC. Come in a stay a while! I hope you enjoy browsing through my shop.

See new listings and receive FANS-ONLY specials by becoming a fan at

Would you like CUSTOM WORK done, or have a QUESTION OR REQUEST? Please contact me. I would love to work with you.

SHOPPING TIP: For larger photos, shop in "gallery" view. 


I'll be highlighting more great shops next week!


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